Phlegmesis - The New Wave of Rotten Fornication Standard Edition (Tape)



Throughout time and history, no matter where or when, all lifeforms on this earth have been connected by one basic primal function... to create waste. What used to fester beneath our violent streets has surfaced with one putrid intention: turn everything to shit.

The debut full-length from Boston’s subhuman sewer pop outfit - PHLEGMESIS, “The New Wave of Rotten Fornication” explores the possible explanations as to why everything is so shitty. Dripping with dark, wet synths and deviant death grooves… this low-tuned, 35-minute sonic disembowelment will have you numbingly addicted, feeling filthy, and ready for more!

Streaming on Bandcamp now and exclusively on tape through from the most disturbing label in the underground, IRON FORTRESS RECORDS. The standard version comes disgustingly decorated with the full art of MITCH TOXIC on yellow phlegm shells (ltd to 50) and the limited edition (ltd to 25) is something else entirely….

Introducing the SMELLS LIKE SEX limited edition! Dripping with the sensual smell of rotten fornication, the SMELLS LIKE SEX limited edition includes a scratch n’ sniff tape (two smells to indulge your fantasies in… onion or fish), art variant j-card, variant vulva pink shell, 8.5 x 11 mini poster, and a branded condom... all packaged in a blacked out nudey bag that is too hot for Bandcamp!

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