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Black Dust - Katorga on a Distant Planet (Tape)

Black Dust - Katorga on a Distant Planet (Tape)

Iron Fortress Records

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BLACK DUST, a death metal band that hails from the depths of the Georgian cosmos, emerged earlier this year with one of the most profound debut EPs heard in recent memory. KATORGA ON A DISTANT PLANET thematically focuses on the vast expanse of space, transcending the boundaries of earthly existence, and delving into the mysteries and horrors lurking amidst the stars.

KATORGA ON A DISTANT PLANET comprises 6 tracks and 30 minutes of intoxicating and entrancing death metal. Each composition is a cosmic journey, transporting listeners to a distant existence and uncharted realms of body and mind.

BLACK DUST’S debut EP will is available on two tape shell colors. Limited to 25 on Radiant Magnolia and 50 on Planetary Teal.

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