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Squelch - Eternal Hiss of Hatred (Tape)

Squelch - Eternal Hiss of Hatred (Tape)

Iron Fortress Records

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Squelch are a two piece of disgustingly soaked death metal, spawning from the ghoul infested crypts of California. Eternal Hiss of Hatred is their debut demo that consists of 4 evil tempoed songs, screaming in at almost 20 minutes of pure horror, drenched in thrashy groove laden and catchy licks, fused together with a hissing guitar tone, and groaning vocals. This is a soundtrack of terror, played out in a decrepit and creaking house… beckoning with specters and ghastly spirits.

Tortured Tape #25 includes:

🤢 Limited to 50 copies
🤢 Artwork by Yandema
🤢 Repugnant translucent orange shells
🤢 Includes collectible card #25
🤢 Hand-numbered
🤢 Professionally duplicated

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