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Toxik Volcano - A Trilogy of Cataclysmic Eruptions (Tape)

Toxik Volcano - A Trilogy of Cataclysmic Eruptions (Tape)

Iron Fortress Records

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TOXIK VOLCANO materialized out of molten magma spewing forth onto the mainland of Australia on December 1st 2022, quickly releasing a three song demo on their first night of existence titled VOLCANICUS TOXICUS VOLCANUS. Since that night of ashen birth, TOXIK VOLCANO have produced 3 EPs worth of darkened death metal akin to Bestial Warlust, Sadistik, Exekution, and Darklord… all that the band claims to be major influences on their sound. 

A TRILOGY OF CATACLYSMIC ERUPTIONS conjoins all of their music to date onto one compilation of seismic volcanic disturbances and is being brought to you by TORTURED TAPES. This is 45 minutes of warring death metal displayed by 11 songs spanning their entire discography. 

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